Cloud dating tifa

The game hints at a love triangle between cloud, aeris, and tifa, however, tifa can be overlooked, despite her actually being an option tifa is a childhood friend who is tough, level-headed, and. For dating barret you have to have a sausage fest party and you're always a dick to aeris, tifa and yuffie to date yuffie, use her a lot, and be a dick to aeris and tifa barret is your partner because you're not good with the ladies. Tifa has been neglecting dating since cloud left, but her friends won't let her be lonely forever so what do they do they set her up on a blind date language: tifa lockhart/vincent valentine (47) tifa lockhart/cloud strife (7) aerith gainsborough/cloud strife (3) cloud strife/vincent valentine (3. I love tifa, but cloud has plenty of reason to be cold to her she wasn't exactly honest with him throughout a good bit of vii she had her reasons, and that's what i think makes her interesting as a character, but it's not unbelievable that cloud wouldn't harbor some resentment. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love it's where your interests connect you with your people.

Getting tifa/aeris's favour of you down (that is, be nasty to them), and getting yuffie's favour of you up - finally, make sure the cover materia is always equipped on cloud when. Martha nichols : cloud dating tifa in each, her appearance relates to nibelheim's destruction tifa is a playable party member, who relies on her martial arts techniques in battle seen in her limitsand wields claws and glove weapons. Cloud and tifa are two playable protagonists from the seventh instalment in the final fantasy series they are childhood friends and eventually confirm mutual romantic feelings for each other.

From tifa's profile crisis core ultimania: in ff7, tifa is the only one who knows cloud's childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of nibelheim's burning down, which is also depicted in cc. Use this guide to get cloud dating with aeris, tifa, yuffie, or even barret how each character is chosen is based upon a hidden value in the game's code and is based on decisions that the player picks when asked question throughout the game. Also, at the end of ff7, tifa sort of embraces cloud as they hang onto the cliff's edge, as she get's close to him, cloud brings up aerith, and it almost looks like tifa kinda resigns herself a bit to the situation then, when they are sitting together, they are again interrupted wondering where the others are, who are on another ledge waving.

- explore daisuke3445's board cloud & tifa (final fantasy 7) on pinterest | see more ideas about cloud and tifa, cloud strife and games discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Tifa dating tifa only requires that you put aeris out of the game: in the process, you will raise tifa's affinity with cloud high enough so that the other characters don't stand a chance general guidelines when you have to select party members, always take tifa and always leave aeris aside whenever you have a choice. Yes, cloud and tifa are the canon couple of ffvii in the compilation they start a family all of this is backed up by the various ultimania for the final fantasy series including the ff 20th anniversary ultimania which list cloud and tifa as one of the canon couples of the final fantasy series. Tifa and cloud fanfiction flirting, forum information & statistics niether aeris or tifa deserve more his love cloud x tifa fanfic - seeing things from a new light. The date mechanics also affect a scene later in the game, involving tifa and cloud under the highwind, where if tifa's love points are 50 or above the implications and dialogue of the scene will be different.

People prefer cloud and aerith, but i would disagree because of the relationship she had with zack fair, and how she dies and is now in the lifestream with her first love for some reason, tifa and cloud just had appealed to me as a couple although they haven't made it official, cloud and tifa are the most interesting couple in my eyes. After helping tifa and cloud build their home, barret entrusted his best friend dyne's orphaned daughter marlene to the two of them and embarked on a journey first page of the novel that's part of the advent children complete set. Tifa lockhart is the most attractive girl in school, and shy, introverted cloud strife has a big crush on her he's spent many school years trying to get her attention, will he succeed and win the girl of his dreams. ¤into my own, self-imposed exile¤ resident neo total posts: 2699 since: aug 2003.

Cloud dating tifa

General tips for dating yuffie always try to have red 13 and barret in your party before getting yuffie after getting yuffie, make sure she's always the second character, unless specified otherwise, (like when a character insists on joining you) the third character can be anybody but one of the girls (unless specified otherwise. Anyway, in my don corneo dating sim, i'm aiming for your tradition raise stats (str, int, charm), work for cash, speak to the girls and cloud (yes, cloud will be a datable character ), build your relationship with them, buy them gifts, take them out on dates and finally win their hearts yay for originality. In ff7, tifa is the only one who knows cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in cc she and cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in ac and dc.

  • An: this was a requestenjoy^-^ you were hanging around in midgar with cloud and the gang but you were mainly with tifa,you and her were dating after a little mess that happend but yoy took care of it since cloud wasn't around.
  • Category: dating games description: final fantasy dating sim allows you to date your favorite final fantasy girls from across the series play as cloud, squall, zidane or tidus and try to seduce tifa, selphie, quintus and many more visit locations around spira to try and find the final fantasy girl for you.

Cloud did indeed grow up with tifa he just absorbed the soldier memories of zack and such a great example would be: when cloud has the flashback of him and seipheroth on the train and they. The game hints at a love triangle between cloud, aeris, and tifa, however, tifa can be overlooked, despite her actually being an option. While cloud is absent, tifa enters a kind of dating service with the prize being a night with don corneo to get information out of him cloud and aeris, after disguising cloud as a woman, attempt to rescue her, and meet the don who admits shinra has discovered avalanche's base of operations. It's a tifa/aeris date scene aka: pure fan boy service this vid was made on request and i really, really, really, really, really didn't mean it to come out as twisted and wrong as it did also.

Cloud dating tifa
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